The National Foundation for Special Needs Integrity - Supplemental Needs Trust & Self-settled pooled trusts
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A Nationally-Operating Corporation specializing in the needs of Personal Injury Litigants, Mass Tort Litigants, and other persons with disabilities who receive Means-Tested Government Benefits

A new approach to serving personal injury and mass tort litigants -- and the class action firms and settlement specialists who serve them.

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  Welcome to The National Foundation for Special Needs Integrity, Inc.

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Pooled Special Needs Trust

  • A True National Pooled Special Needs Trust
  • Interest-Bearing, FDIC-Insured Trust Sub-Accounts
  • Electronic Transfers of Funds (ETF) for Funding, Depositing, and Making Purchases from Trust Sub-Accounts
  • The Fastest Disbursement Turnaround Time in the Nation

Chances are you've been referred to us because you are about to receive a settlement in a class action or personal injury lawsuit. However, you need to protect your eligibility for governmental assistance programs, such as Medicaid and SSI. As if the litigation and settlement process weren't lengthy and frustrating enough, you now face the reality that in order to keep your Medicaid, SSI, and similar benefits, you have to turn your money over to a trust — with someone else as Trustee. We understand that this can be infuriating, insulting, and painful. We cannot change the law, but we can help you navigate the waters.

By placing your assets in a Special Needs Trust, you can choose to spend your money at your pace on items and services that you actually need and want. The National Foundation for Special Needs Integrity's pooled trust program offers you the best possible combination of flexibility, energy, legal expertise, experience with government agencies, and genuine compassion and understanding.

The founder of The National Foundation for Special Needs Integrity is one of the nation's leading experts on Special Needs Trust creation, administration, defense, and the legal and political trends affecting Special Needs Trusts throughout the country. The staff at Special Needs Integrity is composed of dedicated individuals who truly enjoy their jobs and who approach everything they do with a commitment to honest Midwestern values.

This commitment results in superior customer service with a focus on friendliness, expertise, efficiency and focused attention on those we serve. Our people are dedicated to your well-being and satisfaction. We are good at what we do, because it is all we do. We don't dabble in any other enterprise. Our focus is on you, your needs, and protecting your benefits. Put our promise to the test. We mean what we say. Give us a call if you have any questions. You'll be surprised at how easy we make it to establish and use your Special Needs Trust. We look forward to working with you!

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